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photo Hey : ) Just checking in again. For those of you who don’t know, iCandi has been moved to CandiceKayeDesign.com! Here you can shop around [the Calixte Bracelet and Farrah Brooch attached below], see whatsup through Journal posts etc. etc. Ok, that’s all. x -C




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2014-08-01_0003 Hay. Just thought I was stop in and give you a little update on what’s been happening on CandiceKayeDesign.com! Photos from the H&M Press EventNights out sipping on watermelon cocktails, finished textile design for a cafe in soho… mm and that’s it. I’m not that exciting haha. Anyways, click here to see the new website! 2014-08-01_0004FLOWER2014-08-01_00062014-08-01_0007ladiesringview


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LogoCThis is it people. The official last post on iCandi. This website is now being redirected to CandiceKayeDesign.com [closes the door behind her] x -C


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tomorrow TOMORROW, TOMORROW TOMORROW, CandiceKayeDesign.com will be launched TOMORROW. Can’t wait to to show you what I’ve been planning since September, and working countless hours on the past few months. On the new website you’ll see new posts, more videos, a whole new ‘Meet Candice’ section, updated bucket list, never seen before New York Fashion Week coverage, bigger pictures, better functions, and a shop!

I wanted to quickly say thank you to everyone who has followed me throughout these past four years. When I started iCandi I had no idea that I would be saying hi to so many of you in the morning while sipping on my coffee. It’s been a pretty incredible journey. From all the Contributors to ‘pinch myself’ experiences to coffees with other people who’ve connected with me from iCandi. Like woah.

I thought I would mark “Horoscope Wednesday” as the last day of iCandi. Don’t worry I’ll still be updating the horoscopes on the new website as well. Click Here to read yours. x -C



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e310cd12b34ec13a549d17ea9150e279 ok. ok. Tuesday iCandi because I’m a lady. 81e750ab395bccb20251d01662915b80581e52bee79a29e3b4ff5452fb65b86ec1c9f1717616e72a268ad8bc37f46513d05fa7c76d88e971697f94aa4149d744df65734cf6c9776184ec7fb5963ee6f0


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CandiceKayeDesign.com is completed. All that is needed is for me to hit the launch button. I’ve been working on this new website for a while now. iCandi in NYC was my latest journey. The past four years were spent traveling, jumping into every opportunity presented, moving to New York City, sitting in the Photographer Pit at NYCFW, in school [FIT for textile surface design], learning the subway system, adjusting to the smell of garbage, and growing up. It’s time for me to say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new.

To officially start the countdown, here is a video shoot Jose and I did about a month ago.


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outfit1A lady who can wear summer with class. outfit3 outfit7 outfit2